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Brilliant Tech Hacks For Your Next Trip

A must have travel pack - Oakley 'Kitchen Sink' Backpack

Ready, set, bookmark! To make your trips as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible, we’ve rounded up the best tech travel hacks on the web — from how to pack properly to how to share photos once you’ve returned, you’ll find it all right here. How did we ever travel without them before?

Use Lego Figurines to Hold Your Cords

May we suggest a female astronomer Lego to do the job?

Turn a Planner Into a Kindle Case

How fabulous! Get the DIY instructions here.

Use a plastic bag to create your own in-flight viewing experience.

Access Google Maps offline.

When you’re on WiFi, type “OK Maps” in the search bar, and whatever map you’re seeing will save for later. Simply go to your “Saved Places” under your profile to access the saved maps.

Keep cords tidy by wrapping them around old gift cards.

Check FourSquare for WiFi passwords.

Charge gadgets using the USB outlet on your hotel room TV.

Type your flight info into Google search to see if it’s on time.

Protect your charger cords using a pen spring.

Use a tech travel checklist to pack.

If your hotel room doesn’t have a desk, use the ironing board.

Scan important documents, and email them to yourself.

Charge your phone faster by putting it on Airplane Mode.

Fly through security by packing gadgets correctly.



Keep a pair of earrings together with a button.

Fill a binder with printables, games, and other fun things for kids to do on the road or plane.

Give kids their own spot to sleep in a hotel room by changing the direction of a bed’s pillows.

Make more room in your luggage by rolling instead of folding.

Store liquid cosmetics in a contact case so you don’t have to bring the entire container.

Use a binder clip to protect your razor.

Put breakables, glasses, and/or jewelry in your shoes so they don’t get lost or damaged in your luggage.

Create backseat pockets with a shoe organizer for long car rides.

Keep entertainment within arm’s reach by filling a suctioned shower caddy with toys and games during road trips.

Have kids make their own edible snack necklaces before the trip.

Place jewelry in between two sheets of Glad Press’n Seal to avoid tangles and breaks.

Use a dryer sheet in your luggage to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Put dirty shoes in a shower cap.

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