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Siteground is the only host I use

Over many years (numbers really don’t matter right)  I have tried many, many web hosting companies. Some were good, while others should not even be online. I have even hosted my own web sites via my personal server, which worked great for awhile but became way to time consuming for me to mange.

There are a few things I look for when it comes to web hosting.

  • Must have GREAT customer service. (No exception)
  • Run up to date software on their servers.
  • C-panel must be easy to use with all available tools at hand.
  • Priced fairly

Without amazing customer service, you will be left on your own and many cases at the mercy of the hosting company. So what is amazing customer service? Easy, when you need a problem solved regarding your website you don’t want to wait hours sometimes day for a reply. Many times you need answers now. Very few meet this standard and when I mean few, I mean just that.VERY FEW!

They must run updated software on their hosting servers. A prime example of this cURL, which is basically the traffic cop for all your web addresses on your site. If a hosting company does not keep that software updated, it will affect how your apps run on your website. Some websites; Hostgator for example still use a cURL version that is almost 8 years out of date. Their reason for not upgrading? They said it was secure enough. Well it’s not despite what they may think. The real reason is cost to upgrade. They still make a fist full of money off of selling hosting space, yet they will not upgrade which leaves you in a pickle if you paid $400 for a prime app that can not even run on your site because they refuse to upgrade the software required to help it run correctly.

Then there is server over crowding. See some hosting companies will rent enough hosting space to another person for them to sell as there own. (puppy mill hosting)  Thats all good and everything, except you run into one big issue; crowded server space. Unless that person purchases or rents a dedicated server with an intent on running a manageable amount of web hosting clients, then that server becomes bogged down by high levels of traffic, to say the least.

For example: Host company A sells a customer space to resell hosting space, this would be host company B. When A sold that space, they may have already had 1200 websites running off that one server already. Now you have host company B who sells space to another 1000 people, now you have 2200 people running on that one server. The more people on the server, the slower your website load times can be among other things. It’s much more in depth than that, but you hopefully get the picture.

Then the big one, PRICE! You will see all kinds of adds advertising $2.99 a month hosting or even $0.99 month hosting. Here’s what you need to watch out for. Host companies run these ads to get customers to sign up. They will advertise say $2.99 a month, however if you only sign up for month to month hosting; meaning you pay each month to rent your hosting space, then the second months on will cost you the regular price of say $8.99 and that’s just for basic hosting. If you want to save money purchase 12-72 months at a time. That way your only paying the quoted $2.99 a month for 12 – 72 months saving lots of money. Just remember though, when your domain hosting fee comes due again, you will pay at regular price in most cases.

So saying all of that, who would I recommend as a hosting company for your next or current website, easy, SITEGROUND.COM To me they are the pinnacle of web hosting service. Amazing customer service, always up to date software, crowding is kept at a minimum and the cost is fair and worth every penny.

Click the banner below for a introductory rate when you sign up. (Up to 60% off) You will not be sorry!

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