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Winter Driving Tips and Tricks

These are some of the main items you should never leave home without.

ALWAYS carry an emergency travel kit in your vehicle, You never know when you might get stranded on the road. These are some of the main items you should never leave home without:

Winter is upon us once again so here are few things you should know before heading out.

  • ALWAYS carry an emergency travel kit in your vehicle, You never know when you might get stranded on the road. These are some of the main items you should never leave home without:
    • Drinking water, at least a half gallon per person.
    • Warm blankets (at least 2 of them).
    • WORKING flashlight and spare batteries.
    • Battery operated radio.
    • Jumper cables or what I like are the portable Jump Start Packs.
    • High energy foods are a must if you get stuck in the cold.
    • Portable cell phone charger.
    • First Aid kit.
    • Warm gloves, not just for you but everyone in the vehicle.
    • Tire chains or cables that fit CORRECTLY.

Now, here are some tips that can help get you out of sticky situations when driving in winter weather.

  • Don’t stop!
    If you are sliding off the road, headed towards a drift, slush pile, etc, do not stop. Your vehicle’s momentum can carry you out of the mush. The same goes for when you are stuck and get some movement. Don’t stop until you are absolutely stuck. Even a little bit of constant movement is better than just spinning the wheels.
  • Don’t spin the wheels.
    When you are stuck and your tires are just spinning, stop. Unless you are on solid ground (concrete or asphalt), stomping the pedal and spinning the wheels is just going to make it worse.
  • Apply proper power.
    Use your throttle sparingly and in the right way. If too much power is overpowering the tires and snow, use part throttle. You would be surprised how less power might just get you out.
  • Shift to low.
    Make sure your automatic transmission is shifted into the lowest gear. For manual transmissions, you actually want to shift into a higher gear, such as 3rd or 4th, and use the clutch to control the spin. There will be less shock on the tires and you will have more control to keep the tires from spinning.
  • Turn off the traction control.
    This one might seem counter-intuitive, but when you are stuck and need power to the wheels, any slipping will cut the power right when you need it. Push the traction control button to turn it off. Some vehicles require you to push and hold the button for several seconds. With this off, you will be able to spin the tires all day. Watch out for using too much power though.
  • Rock it, baby, rock it.
    The classic “unstuck” move is called rocking. This is a maneuver where use the engine to roll the vehicle forward, put it in reverse, roll it backward, and then shift to drive and roll forward. Doing this several times builds momentum for the vehicle, often getting it out of the rut it is stuck in. Once you are over the hump and rolling in one direction, power out of the mess until you are on solid ground.
  • Use traction devices.
    It is too late to add chains or cables to your tires, but you can use other items to enhance the grip of your tires. Rocks (quarter size and smaller), sand, even small branches and sticks can give you the grip you need to get out. It is a good idea to carry a bucket or bag of sand, pebbles, kitty litter, etc when you live in snow-prone areas. One trick I have used is place your cars floor mats, one in front of the other under the tire that is spinning. This may give your tire that little extra grip it needs to get you out.
  • Go straight ahead.
    Make sure your tires are pointed straight. There is considerably more stress on the tires when they are turned. This means means it is harder for the vehicle to move, and therefore easier for the tire to spin rather than get traction and push or pull the vehicle out of the mess.
  • Let some air out.
    When you just can’t get the grip, try letting some air out of the tires. This makes a wider contact patch and can give you the necessary grip to get out. Just don’t forget to re inflate the tires to the proper specification as soon as possible. Until you get the tires re inflated, keep the speed down so you don’t ruin your tires.
  • Can ya dig it?
    Sometimes, you just have to get down and dig. Carrying a camp shovel will make this easier, but a stick, wood board, or even a plastic cup can get the snow and mud out of the way. The idea here is to dig a long ramp from the tire to the flat ground instead of a deep sudden rut that you likely find yourself in. Additionally, there may be a large mass of snow under the chassis, making it difficult to move. You need to try to remove as much of this as possible.
  • If you can’t get your car unstuck with these tips, call a tow truck for assistance. Make sure your tailpipe is clear of snow so that the exhaust fumes don’t back up into the cab of the vehicle. This is now the time to break out your winter emergency car kit, sit tight and wait for the cavalry. Stay safe!

Have a safe holiday and drive safe!

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